Alexis Hushbeck

Love & Coding

can lead to wonderful things

Things I love


I love to read and usually go through about 80-100+ books a year. These days I mostly do audiobooks, a habit I picked up from when I used to have long commutes


Going to Broadway shows is one of my favorite ways to spend a night out. I'm especially a sucker for a wicked good musical.


For a night in, playing games with friends or my partner is just a wonderful way to spend time. And I play games of both the board and video varieties.

Code I've Worked On


Desktop email client built on a simple principle: bring out the love.

Rula Health

As the fifth engineer hire I work to help improve access to mental health services and generally serve as a Jill-of-all-trades as the system was built from almost nothing.

Khan Academy

I worked to help folks all over the world learn by improving all the different layers of the site and systems, focusing on performance and reliability.